Sunday, 23 August 2009


Title: "Nefertiti"

Author: Michelle Moran

Book Type: Historical Fiction

Type: Paperback

Pages: 496

Synopsis: In this wonderful historical fiction, Mutnodjmet, the younger sister of Nefertiti, tells the fictional story of her sister's life. The story starts out with Prince Amunhotep killing his brother in order to get the thrown. The 17 year old Pharoah then takes 15 year old Nefertiti as his second wife. The first wife, Kiya, does not have royal blood like Nefertiti but is still able to keep her place as 1st wife because she continues to give the Pharoah sons (unlike Nefertiti who can only give him daughters). Amunhotep and Nefertiti cause friction in Egypt -- they begin to pray to another main god and take away the power and money from the formerly powerful priests. They also begin building huge monuments and temples to their god with their own likenesses on them instead of spending the money to protect Egypt's borders which ultimately causes their downfall.

My thoughts: This was an amazing novel and totally engrossing page turner. I loved how Moran's writing sucks you into the story and makes the ancient world come alive. She describes the 14th century BC so well that you can 'see' it. I'm a fan of historical fiction but had never read any dealing with this era of time. Fascinating story. Lots of court scandal, forbidden love and sisters trying to find their ways in the world.

My Rating: 4/5 (aka great read!)

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