Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Vampire Academy

This was not my first YA (Young Adult) novel ... and it probablyl won't be my last :) This was a good read if you like supernatural and don't want anything too heavy. If you have read and enjoyed P.C. Cast's "House of Night" series you'll enjoy this novel.

Author: Richelle Read

Synopsis: Lissa and Rose are best friends who share a very special and secret bond. They also happen to be vampires. Lissa is a Moroi (royal vamp) and the last of the Dragomir line. She is a mortal vampire princess whom Rose (who is a Dhampir -- half-human/half-vampire) has vowed to keep safe from her enemies, the Strigoi, who are immortal vampires that are set on destroying the Moroi.

Lissa and Rose have been on the run for the past 2 years. When they are returned to St. Vladimir's Academy (a private school for vampires and the half-blood vamps) they have to deal with the typical high school challenges of gossip, their apparent decent from the social elite as well as Lissa's new found skill that will put her at even more risk when it comes to dealing with the Strigoi.

My thoughts: I found it interesting how this author decided to make different kinds of vampires -- from the Dhampir to the Moroi and Strigoi. The storyline keeps at a fairly quick pace and is decent while not too immature for a 30-something to enjoy as a light read.

My Rating: 3.5/5 (aka a good read)

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Anonymous said...

K, I loved the House of Night series so I am now going to look at reading this. Thanks for review! -Liz

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