Friday, 11 September 2009

Change of Heart

Title: Change of Heart

Author: Jodi Piccoult

Type: Hardcover

Pages: 453

Book Style: Fictional Novel

Synopsis: This book focuses on a convicted killer's desire to donate his organs. June Nealon's life was shattered 11 years ago when her family was murdered by Shay Bourne. Now on death row, Shay wants to donate his heart to June's 11 year old daughter, Claire because he sees it as his only way to salvation. While Shay is awaiting his execution, odd things begin to happen on death row leading many to believe that Shay is the new Messiah. Picoult addresses and debates prisoner rights, the death penalty as well as religion in general. .
My Thoughts: I didn't love this book. It had an interesting premise but it lagged in so many spots that I felt like I forced myself to finish it. There was a lot of debating over whether or not the death penalty is right. The theological arguments throughout were interesting ... but got a bit much after awhile and bogged down the storyline, in my opinion. It does give one a lot to think about ... I just don't think Picoult is an author that I'll be itching to read again.
My Rating: 3 (aka an OK read)

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