Monday, 21 September 2009

BOOK DISCUSSION: Giving up on a book

This week I feared that I had lost my Book Mojo. It is a mightly sad thing to lose when you're an avid reader. Once in awhile I'll pick up a book and feel that I'm wasting my time with it either because I hate the storyline, there is no storyline to be found or it just isn't 'my cuppa tea'.

This week I had 3 (yes, THREE!) books, in a row, that were so bland and boring that I gave up on them. Typically, I like to finish a book but if, after about 50-100 pages, the book doesn't grip me I move on to something new. My reading time is much too precious to waste on a stinker of a book.

One of the reasons I don't sweat it when I don't like a book is because the majority of the books that I read I get from the library. I absolutely hate it when I buy a book and find out that I don't like it. With the library, if you don't like a book you just take it back. I'm always surprised when people don't take advantage of their local library.

This week I started reading "Talk Before Sleep" by Elizabeth Berg, "Spooning" by Darri Stephens and Megan DeSales and "Designer Knockoff" by Ellen Byerrum. All three books had very blaw storylines (if there was actually a storyline to be found) and the characters were bland. "Spooning" seemed like it wanted to be a 'Sex and the City" wanna-be but just couldn't muster enough of a storyline to grab my interest. "Designer Knockoff" didn't have enough momentum to get the mystery suspense going enough to keep me wanting to find out 'who dunnit'. Plus, I just couldn't buy a fashion writer getting involved in a big mystery based on the fact that she was wearing a designer suit. Puleeze.

So, what do I do go get my Book Mojo back?? I go to an author who has never disappointed me. I am currently reading "Mary Mary" by James Patterson. I love his short chapters (2-3 pages each) and it's non-stop action with Patterson. I believe I have found my Mojo! Phew!


Nix said...

I fully understand what you are talking about. I've had some bad book mojo lately as well (although I have been forcing myself to read the books regarless. 300 book challenge and all that
It's great how people can view books differently (ie: I really enjoyed "Talk Before Sleep") It's nice to get several different views about books, life would be boring if everyone thought the same.
I hope that "Mary Mary" will get you back on your book mojo. James Patterson is a great author to read when you need a reading boost.

:o) Nikki

Laurie said...

Thanks Nix. It is nice to have different likes and dislikes about books. :) Using TP I've gotten so many wonderful book ideas that I never would have found out about if it weren't for the people on that site. :)

I often think that sometimes you can be reading the perfect book ... just not at the right time in your life. Also, people's life experiences can influence the kind of books that they like etc.

I think that I needed a book that had more action in it and "Talk Before Sleep" just wasn't the right book for that. :) I'm really enjoying "Mary Mary" right now (I read 120 pages today alone!!).

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