Monday, 28 September 2009

The Good Sister

Title: The Good Sister

Author: Diana Diamond

Type: Mystery

Book Type: Paperback

Pages: 300ish

Synopsis: Two sisters who have been rivals since they were young children are working together at there father's company Pegasus Satellite and they each have different roles in the company. Jennifer is the smart one who runs the technical side of the company. When she agrees to go to the Cannes Film Festival it is there that she meets Padraig the Irish movie star who sweeps her off her feet, but when Jennifer finds her life in danger she leaves Padraig.
Catherine is the prettier and more social sister who is out to take Hollywood by storm with the company. It is in Hollywood that Catherine finds her mark and starts to work with Padraig in a movie company. She is also the one who manages to screw things up in everyone's lives.

My Thoughts: This book is from the Kelly Ripa's book club. Apparently Ms Ripa and I have vastly different book tastes. This book started out promising with a decent premise but then died a very slow and painful death. The characters were boring and I couldn't find one character that I liked or even believed. The author used stereotypes (ie the smart sister was plain and boring and the beautiful sister was outgoing and very popular). The storyline progressed at a snail's pace; so much so that I didn't even care who was the 'bad sister'. I'm very glad I borrowed this book from the library and didn't buy it. Drivel. Think of a really badly written soap opera (yes, they're bad to begin with) with dull characters and you've got "The Good Sister".

My Rating: 0/5 (aka drivel; didn't even finish it)

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