Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Best Friend's Girl

Title: My Best Friend's Girl

Author: Dorothy Koomson

Type: Novel

Pages: 462

Book Type: paperback

Synopsis: From the moment they met in college, Adele and Kamryn were best friends. They never thought that anything would come between them ... until Kamyrn finds out that years ago Adele had slept with Kamryn's fiancee, Nate which puts an abrupt end to their friendship.

Years later the two women are brought together because Adele has a request for Kamyrn: to adopt her 5 year old daughter, Tegan. Kamryn had never planned to have children of her own nor does she think she has any maternal instinct. She also isn't sure if she wants the daily reminder of her failed engagement to Nate every time she looks at Tegan's face. Add to the fact that many people would see her as Tegan's nanny due to the differences in their skin colour and her problems initially dealing with having a child and a career; Kamryn has a lot of decisions to make.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and it's main premise: "How far would you go to help the best friend who broke your heart?". It was hard to put down because the characters were believably flawed but also likeable. It's a journey through loss, forgiveness, love and hope. It also shows us that a family can be made up of the most unlikeliest of characters. There is a love triangle in the book and the author kept me guessing whom Kamryn would choose up until the end of the book. A really good novel.

My Rating: 4/5 (a very good read)


Anonymous said...

Loved this book - thanks for the suggestion!

Laurie said...

Good! I'm glad you liked it. I love hearing that people found good reads b/c of this blog. :)

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