Sunday, 8 November 2009


Title: Frostbitten (10th book in the "Women of the Underworld" series)

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Type: Supernatural

Pages: 339

Synopsis: There's nothing worse for werewolves than when attention is drawn to them. So, when a pack of rogue werewolves begins killing people in Alaska, Elena is sent to solve the problem and get rid of the Mutts. Elena has a lot on her plate dealing with ghosts from her past and an uncertain future among The Pack. She finds this new problem in Alaska more than she can handle and asks her husband Clay to come up and help her. They find a lot more than they bargain for when they learn of a new beast that may be hunting them!

My Thoughts: Kelley Armstrong has got to be one of my favourite writers ... especially when she writes about Clay and Elena. As I've mentioned before, Armstrong has a wonderful way of writing about the supernatural. Elena is my favourite characters from this series. She's a strong woman who can hold her own but it was also nice to see that she has some weaknesses that we find out about in this book.
I also loved the fact that Armstrong mentioned several times in the book the fact that Elena is Canadian (Armstrong lives in south-western Ontario). In the past she's occasionally mentioned this fact but in this book she refers to Algonquin Park, Toronto, northern Ontario, Newfoundland etc etc. It didn't sit well with me that Armstrong is Canadian, made her main character Canadian ... but then all 10 books in the series (with the exception of the beginning of "Bitten") happen in the States. It was very refreshing to see some Canadian stuff mentioned in this book.
This book was very hard to put down and had loads of action in it (at times I was on the edge of my seat anxiously reading what would happen next).

My Rating: 4.5/5 (amazing book)


Jamie said...

I like Kelley Armstrong too! Which number in the series is this one? I am waiting for the library for Broken, which I think is the 4th or 5th.

Laurie said...

"Frostbitten" is #10 in the "Women of the Underworld" series. Armstrong has another series but it's a young adult series (quite good actually). You can check out the order of books by going to Fantastic Fiction. There's a link on my main blog page.

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