Thursday, 5 November 2009

Size 12 Is Not Fat!

Title: Size 12 is Not Fat!

Author: Meg Cabot

Type: Chick Lit/Mystery
Series: 1st book in Heather Wells Mystery series

Synopsis: Heather Wells has seen a lot of changes in her life. She went from being a big teen singing sensation (think mall singers Tiffany and Debbie Gibson-type fame) with her equally famous boyband boyfriend .... to losing said boyfriend, her recording contract and all of her money.
Now, in her late twenties, she's gained a few dress sizes (which she's fine with, really!), hears endless "Don't I know you from somewhere?" from strangers and now has a job as an assistant dorm supervisor which she enjoys. That is, until the bodies of female undergraduates start piling up in her dorm! The cops and college staff chalk the deaths up to accidents but Heather isn't so sure and sets off to find out more about the deaths.

My Thoughts: This was a decent, easy to read mystery. The one thing that got annoying was the (I guess you could call it joke) that Heather repeatedly (I mean at least 15 times in the book) refers to her workplace as a college residence instead of *gasp* a dorm. Not sure why that had to be repeated throughout the book, but it was. The main character was likable but the secondary characters (ie Magda) weren't as involved in the storyline like I would have expected. Overall, a good read. Good mystery with a few twists.

My Rating: 3/5 (good read)

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