Thursday, 14 January 2010

BOOK DISCUSSION: Non-readers' excuses

I have never understood it when people complain about not having enough time in their day to pick up a book are read ... even for 20 minutes. I often hear people wonder how I have time to constantly have a book on the go. Do I read constantly? No. Do I read daily? Definitely. I'm a mother of 3 young kids and even when they were infants I found time to read -- I would put a book on the side table beside the rocker and read during night feedings lol.

You have to make time to read in the beginning. Setting aside some 'me time' for even 30 minutes/day helps. It also helps to find a book that will fit into your schedule. James Patterson is known for his 3 page chapters which are perfect for people who have very limited time to pick up a book. I wouldn't get into "War and Peace" if you don't have lots of time to spend reading ... something lighter and smaller would suffice in the beginning.

As a book lover I always make time to read. For me it's just part of who I am and it's something that I need to do daily. I find snippets of time during the day to read a chapter or two whether it's while I wait for my daughter at her ballet class, waiting for the laundry to be finished or when I can't sleep at night ... I fill the down time in my day with reading.

I love reading in bed in the evenings (much to the chagrin of my hubby -- but like I lovingly tell him "you were blessed with eye lids so you should put them to good use while I read at night" ;). Sadly, he is a non-reader even though the kids and I have tried to get him hooked on books. I do have to give him credit though. Last Christmas our second son bought his Dad a CSI book and my hubby read it all ... and enjoyed it! But not enough to keep up his reading momentum.

Personally, I always have a book with me just in case I find some spare time. I think my reading addiction is also due to the fact that I just can't do 'nothin' ... I have to be doing something at all times otherwise I get bored.

Sadly, I am one of those people who cannot read in a car. Even reading a few lines will cause an uproar in my stomach and I'll feel car sick for half an hour afterwards. I have occasionally listened to books on my iTouch but not as frequently as I would like. I could only imagine how much more reading I would have gotten done if I could read in the car ... and my hubby would have been happy to have some quiet time without me blathering in his ear for hours on end, no doubt! :)

So to those who say that they don't 'have time' to read ... I say to try fitting in some time during your day. It's a great escape and I just couldn't imagine my life without books. :)

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Farmer Giesen said...

Reading at night is part of "get to sleep" routine. I can't go to bed "cold" so to speak. I need to envelope myself in a book in order to forget about my own life for a little while. I've been reading every night (for the most part) since I was 10 or so. It was the only way my mom would let me stay up later than my usual bedtime. Even when I was in university, I still took the time to read even though I had enough reading for my English degree to keep me busy ad infinitum. Despite my complete lack of sleep during both of children's births, I still read at night too.

Reading has been my only form of "me" time for a long time. Reading is my solace and my passion.

Thank you, Baking Bookworm, for sharing an equal love of reading. It's so wonderful to have that love with a wonderful friend.

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