Sunday, 17 January 2010

KITCHEN TALK: Kitchen Utensil Favs

I'm sure that all of us have a few favourite kitchen utensils that are coveted and precious to us. Things that you 'need' in order to create new dishes in your kitchen. Things that you're surprised that others can do without in their own kitchens.

For me, I could not imagine cooking/baking without my Pampered Chef baking stones. As a one time PC Consultant I have tonnes of stones - as well as spares in case I break some!. (You'll notice I'm fairly biased towards Pampered Chef lol). There is a huge difference in baking on a good quality baking stone (there are poor quality stones out there) compared to baking on metal. But I digress ...

Some of my favourite kitchen utensils are:
- stainless mixing bowls
- bamboo mixing spoons
- apple corer (enables me to make cool apple rings that, apparently, my kids prefer the taste to compared to 'regular old apple slices'. Hmmm)
- Pampered Chef silicon scrappers
- Pampered Chef garlic press (I'm a big believer in using fresh garlic. The flavour of jarred garlic just cannot compare, in my honest opinion, to the fresh stuff).
- Pampered Chef rolling pin (two-ended - great for rolling pastry right in the pie plate)

Now, if we're talking about appliances my favourite is my Kitchen Aid mixer that I got from Hubby and the kids last Christmas. It has it's own 'spot' on my kitchen counter. :) I also adore my new electric griddle. I no longer have to eat after everyone else has finished their pancakes! With a family of 5 I can now make oodles of pancakes/grilled cheese in one fell swoop!

Finally, I cannot forget my beloved bread makers (yes, I have TWO) for making fresh pizza dough or fresh bread. Nor could I forget my crockpot. How easy is dinner when you pop a roast in the crockpot and a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. Dinner done by 8am! :)

So, what are all of our favourite utensils or appliances in your kitchen? What can you not do without??

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