Wednesday, 20 January 2010

KITCHEN TALK: Demy Digital Recipe Reader!

Ok, a couple of days ago I posted asking what everyone's favourite "can't do without" kitchen gadgets were -- btw, there were NO responses ... tsk tsk everyone. I could hear crickets chirping it was so quiet here with just Me, Myself and I ;). Anyhoo, I was surfing the net and came across a marvelous new kitchen gadget.

Meet the Demy Kitchen Safe Touch Screen Recipe Reader. It's a mouthful but looks really cool. Not cool enough for me to shell out the $300USD for it but it's cool nonetheless. It reminds me a lot of the e-readers out there from Sony etc. At first I thought this thing would just read out a recipe to you as you cooked, but oh no my friend!! It is much more than that! As someone who gets giddy with home organizing this gadget is a pretty divine invention for my kitchen! :)

Some of the features are pretty cool. For example, having all of your personal, tried and true recipes on hand instead of hunting in various cookbooks/sites. It's pretty small (5x7-inches) and it's screen is splash resistant making it easy to wipe clean if you have sticky fingers. You can access your recipes by name or organize them into cookbooks too.

One of the options I like is that you can make a 'short list' of recipes. So if you're having a dinner party and need 4 recipes on hand you can pull those recipes into a short list and have them easily accessible for that day.

It also has 3 built-in timers (see pic below left) as well as a conversion tool (see pic below right)and an ingredient substitution tool in case you are missing a key ingredient in a dish you're making.

It's not going to be one of those things that everyone will have but, you have to admit, it is a pretty cool kitchen gizmo. :)

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Mommydoodle said...

Well, it's not technically a "gadget" but I really couldn't be without my dishwasher!! Seriously, there would be very little cooking done in my house if we didn't have one!

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