Thursday, 11 February 2010

Baking for Valentine's Day

Phew. What a day! This morning I baked my butt off making heart-shaped sugar cookies for each of my 3 kids classes. Over 60 cookies complete with pink icing and sprinkles. I felt like a Keebler Elf I was so industrious! Individually wrapped each of them in Valentine's Day bags too.

I didn't have to but "Cub" asked me to make his class some ... then Karate Kid and Missy Moo asked for some for their classes too. How could I say no? :) Do they truly know how much work goes into it? I don't think so. I bake so much that it's normal for them to see me whipping some baked good every few days. But they did help put the sprinkles on and bag them ... and I did get "thanks Mom"s and some extra hugs from all 3 so it's already paid off. :)

Add into my busy day a very sick hubby who was home all day (which, any stay-at-home mom will tell you totally throws off their daily mojo) -- this mom is pretty tired! So tired in fact that I just didn't have any energy to make dinner. The kids ate an easy dinner early and hubby and I "dined" on a Delisio pizza ... in front of Survivor. It's not fancy or the best pizza in the world but after a busy day it sure did taste good. :)

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