Monday, 15 February 2010

Blue Moon

Title: Blue Moon (2nd book in The Immortals series)
Author: Alyson Noel
Type: Young Adult/Supernatural
Pages: 284
Published: 2009

Synopsis: Ever is just getting used to being an immortal and all of the abilities this gives her. Suddenly, her immortal boyfriend Damen begins to lose his powers, his identity and his memory. Ever is desperate to save Damen and travels to the mystical world of Summerland to see if she can figure out what's happening to Damen. While in Summerland she learns of Damen's past, something that he hasn't wanted to discuss with anyone before.

With the blue moon fast approaching, Ever has to decide whether she wants to turn back the clock and save her family from the car crash that killed them or stay in the present and help Damen.

My Thoughts: Well .... I didn't like this book. Argh! I'm losing my Book Mojo again! Two books that just didn't cut it ... in a row!

I wanted to like this book, I truly did! The first book in this series ("Evermore") was a decent read. This book fell totally flat, had no substance and barely a plot. She spent more time talking about how beautiful the love was between Ever and Damen than focusing on the plot ... which could have been quite interesting and full of suspense and action if it had been given more time in the book. Granted, this is a book for the Young Adult so perhaps some of the teen audience wants to read more about the romantic angst between the lovers ... I guess, in my mid to late 30's I'm just 'old' ;)

I just didn't buy the fact that throughout the book Ever is totally against this one kid (can't stand him, ignores him ...) who she then listens to when the chips are down and everything is on the line. Doesn't make sense. Even learning about Damen's past didn't create a "WOW!" moment. It was more like an 'oh...ok' moment.

I found myself speed reading through chapters towards the end. I wanted to find out how it ended ... but didn't really enjoy getting there.

My Rating: 1/5 (I just didn't like it)

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