Friday, 5 February 2010

Look Again

Title: Look Again

Author: Lisa Scottoline

Type: Mystery/Suspense

Pages: 337

Published: 2009

Synopsis: When reporter Ellen Gleeson receives a Missing Children flyer in her mail she has to do a double take. One of the boys on the flyer looks just like her 3 year old adopted son, Will. Mentally, she tries to shrug off the similarities but finds that her gutt instinct is compelling her to look into it more. Against the advice of her father and others she delves into finding out if her son is indeed the little boy who was kidnapped 2 years earlier from a rich family down south.

She starts to uncover clues that no one was meant to ever find. This leads to Ellen putting her life and the life of her son on the line. She also has to face the fact that Will may not be her son. Will her adoption still hold up? Will she be able to let him go if he is actually the kidnapped boy?

My Thoughts: As usual Scottoline delivers an 'edge of your seat' suspense novel. I read it in 2 days and loved the short 2-5 page chapters (a la James Patterson). The storyline is predictable in some ways but Scottoline still throws in a few surprises here and there. I did guess the final twist but it didn't effect my enjoyment of the book.

I also enjoyed the closeness of Ellen and Will's relationship as well as the way Ellen handled how other people perceived her as 'the adoptive mother' instead of 'Will's mother'. This book was very emotional in parts (especially for a mom like myself) and I loved to see the compassion Ellen had for the family of the missing boy. The internal struggle that Ellen had was interesting -- whether or not she could, in fact, give up her son if he was found to be the son of the other couple.

I really liked Ellen's character; it was well-rounded and likeable so that you felt you were rooting for her. I highly recommend Lisa Scottoline. Check out "Daddy's Girl" if you want to read another great suspense novel by this author.

My Rating: 4/5 (a really good read)

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