Sunday, 28 February 2010

Congrats to CANADA!!!

WOW! What a finish to the Winter Olympics! Just wanted to post some patriotic pride about my country. You cannot believe how this Olympics has changed us, normally too humble, Canadians. It's wonderful to see our country band together and show our pride. Hearing thousands of people singing our national anthem to encourage our Olympians sent chills through me!

We've had some amazing firsts too. We not only got our first Gold medal on Canadian soil (thank you Alexandre Bilodeau!)... but we broke the record for number of Gold medals at a single Winter Olympics (14!).

Like many Canadians I have to ask ... What are we going to watch on TV now?!?! I've been glued to my TV for 17 days lol. I am typically NOT a hockey watcher so for my family to race home today from a family function 5 hours away to make it home in time for the final hockey game between the US and Canada is unheard of!!! :)

There are so many favourite moments in the Olympics for me. From both the Canadian women's and men's hockey teams winning gold, to Joannie Rochette skating so well even though she had just experienced such a tremendous loss, to seeing the momentum in our pride escalate as the torch made it's way to Vancouver....

So, what were your favourite moments in the Olympics?!?


mvandooren said...

My favorites were watching Charles Hamelin's girlfriend watch him win the gold in the 500m, and everything about Jon Montgomery's win. From his actual win, to his stroll through Whistler, to his auctioning his beer off to himself, to his two-footed jump onto the podium. Awesome!

Laurie said...

Oh ya. When Hamelin won that was awesome ... Jon Montgomery is so hot right now that he was even on Oprah (the woman who was able to get 300 pairs of coveted Bay mitts for her studio audience but we Canadians couldn't get them ... but I digress). So many great moments!!

Farmer Giesen said...

It was amazing to watch the Canadian Women's and Men's hockey teams win GOLD!!! Canada certainly represented at these Olympics games and I for one was a proud to call myself a Canadian these past few weeks. (Not that I'm not the other 50 weeks of the year!!!)

Laurie said...

I'm hoping that this Canadian pride keeps going and that we don't slump back into our 'too humble' mentality. It's good to show some pride!! We have a pretty awesome country, if I do say so myself! :)

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