Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Audiobook Dilemma

Does anyone else listen to audiobooks? Are they not wonderful?!? I've started to get into them quite a bit lately. I have several classics on my iTouch and love the idea of listening to books.

This week I've enjoyed listening to "Pride and Prejudice" while walking the dog or driving around. I've read the book (many years ago) but it's nice to listen to it being read ... especially with all of the accents. :) Mr Darcy sounds better with a real English accent compared to me reading it on my own ;) Also, since I cannot read in the car (yes, it's a total shame!) listening to books is the next best thing!

My problem is that I lack the Technology gene. Yup. Technology and I get along ... as long as it's easy to understand. I think my kids are, at times, more computer savvy. Heck, the dog might even know more about media players than I. If it gets too complicated my brain just cannot follow. I'm been desperately trying to download some audiobooks from the e-library of one of my local library systems. I can get the books on my computer ... but then something happens out in technology land and it doesn't let it get on my iTouch. Frustrating!

I even have an In-House Geek on staff (my dear hubby) and I still can't figure it out. Perplexing!

Luckily, I have a wonderful library technology manager who is trying to help me out (and talking my off the ledge) as I deal with the dreaded technology. She's been so helpful that she's even offered to sit down with me face-to-face to work this out. Or maybe she's just tired of me emailing her to fix the problem? No matter, hopefully next week I'll be walking around the neighbourhood while Jacob Black from the Twilight series speaks in my ear ;)

Wish me luck!


seifs1jen said...

as much as I love to read, I can't bring myself to listen to books.....I'm a speed reader, often skipping through elaborate descriptions, sometimes an entire page of boring. Listening to a book wouldn't allow me to do this.

Laurie said...

I used to think that too Jen but for me, once in awhile it's nice to not listen to music, but a book. Maybe that means I have to cruise around iTunes for some new music?!?
I will never give up actual books though. I do understand about not having to wade through paragraph upon paragraph of description that some authors tend to write. :s

Beth said...

I listened to an audio book once and didn't really enjoy it. My reasons:
1) I tend to fall asleep easily. If I fall asleep reading a book it's easier for me to figure out how far I got before my eyes closed. The pages of a book don't keep turning after I have fallen asleep. On the other hand the cds just keep on going...
2) An audio book is only as good as the person reading the story. If you have a boring narrator it doesn't matter how good the book is.
So I stick with the actual book. But it is nice to know that if am ever unable to read I will be able to keep on reading with talking books. Lots of my older customers use them after regular and large print books are too difficult to read.
Just it Overdrive that you are using at the library?

Laurie said...

Our library systems around here use Overdrive. I took the tutorial on-line, even emailed the library staff ... still can't seem to get it to work. :s

I don't listen to books when I'm at home ... only times when I can't read an actual book. If I ever fall asleep listening to a book while walking Scout I'm in big trouble lol. :)

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