Monday, 15 March 2010

The Bad Penny

Title: The Bad Penny

Author: Katie Flynn

Type: Historical Fiction

Pages: 484

Published: 2002

Synopsis: Late one night in the 1930's in Liverpool, England midwife Patty Peel is called to a delivery in a poor section of town. When the mother dies during childbirth and the father tells Patty to get rid of the baby Patty takes the baby girl with the idea of giving her to a local orphanage. After remembering her own childhood growing up in a state run orphanage Patty cannot let the baby girl have the same fate.

Patty decides to raise the baby as her own but that doesn't come without difficulties. Patty has few friends and is afraid of most men. Patty is also ostracized by some of her neighbours, namely Derek Knight, for being an unwed mother. Can Patty properly raise this baby girl on her own? Does she have any idea of how much her life will change?

My Thoughts: This book felt very much like a Josephine Cox novel -- an easy read, decent characters, a bit of romance, some kind of misunderstanding that resolves itself etc. It's an uncomplicated read that's a bit predictable but still enjoyable. I liked how the book went back and forth from Patty's adult life to her childhood in an orphanage ... you got to see where Patty came from and why she mistrusted men and disliked orphanages so much.

Patty Peel is a good main character. It was nice seeing a strong female lead character that could hold her own especially when dealing with the men in her life.

My Rating: 3/5

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