Friday, 19 March 2010

Winter Denial ... again!

What an absolutely beautiful day here in Ontario. Wow! You'd think it was late April but no! It was 16C (61F) here today (and has been that temp all week!) and it was so sunny! Gorgeous! The kids are all on their bikes (as of 2 days ago we are now a 'no training wheels' family ... thank you, thank you very much!), people out walking and saying 'hi' to each other, bird singing, men pulling out their lawnmowers, people putting laundry on the line .... It was a veritable utopia of happy Canadians.

What I've just described happens every year. It is a phenomenon here in Canada I'd like to call "Winter Denial". Even though we Canadians are very intelligent people, each year at the first sign of warmer weather we all whip off our coats, put away our mitts and snow shovels and start talking about the fact that Spring has arrived. When will we learn? Spring is not here ... it's just playing with us. Toying with our emotions only to tear us down a notch when it leaves and sends back the old curmudgeon Winter to give us some more snow.

Maybe this happens so that we appreciate Spring even more? Perhaps. Do I wish that this warm weather continued? You bet your faux fur-lined toque you do! Don't get me wrong. Canadians, for the most part, love their winter. We do! Admit it! If we could only get it to snow from December 20th to February 28th that would be great. Perfection would be for it not to snow on roads or sidewalks but we can't have everything, right?

So, take off your shorts - yes! - I saw several people out in their shorts this week (notice that I did not say "out and about" because here in Canada we do not say that term and I don't know who started that rumour). But I digress .... those Canadians who had shorts on today can put them away for a few more weeks because, like clockwork, Mother Nature is playing with us good natured and highly humourous Canadians because she knows we can take it.

Enjoy this good weather while you can my fellow Canucks .... because there's snow in the forcast for Monday.

<<-- Apparently I was a bit premature with my forecast. This is the view from my kitchen as of Saturday March 20/10. Told you so! Winter is back.

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