Monday, 12 April 2010

Gluten-Free Flour Mix

This is the gluten-free flour mix that my mother-in-law's friend, "J" passed on to me. This mix doesn't have a grainy or gritty texture making it great for use in gravies and sauces or cookies and breads.

1 part bean or chick pea flour
1 part corn starch
1 part tapioca flour
1/2 part rice flour

Mix together and store in the refrigerator. This mix can be used for gravies and sauces or breads and cookies. This mixture does not have a grainy or gritty texture.

Tip: Add one tbsp of SALBA for extra vitamins or a tsp of ground flax seed. Remember to keep these (as well as brown rice flour) in the freezer or they'll go rancid.

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