Thursday, 29 April 2010

Killer Heat

Author: Linda Fairstein
Genre: Suspense
Series: 10th book in the Alex Cooper series

Synopsis: Alexandra Cooper is in the middle of a case which will put away a murderer who has been on the loose for 20 years. Outside the court room another predator is on the loose. When female bodies start piling up Alex and Detectives Mercer and Chapman try to figure out who is behind the grisly murders. When the murders seem too random it looks like this will be a hard case to crack.

My Thoughts: I randomly picked up this book at my local library based on reading the back cover. I was in the mood for a new suspense author (a la the Lisa Scottoline, James Patterson kind). Well, this one didn't deliver. Maybe it was because it was the 10th book in a series (of which I hadn't read the previous 9 books). Missing out on previous smaller storylines and relationships made it difficult to understand the banter between Alex and Detective Mike Chapman - which came off, to me, like it was silly and juvenile.
The storyline seemed too muddled for me as well. I was getting the three victims mixed up and felt that the author didn't always make it clear as to which victim she was referring (a little hint here or there to remind the reader about which victim really helps especially when they're so similar).

I'm not giving up on this author. I think I'll start at the beginning of the series and give her another shot.

My Rating: 0/5

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