Sunday, 18 April 2010

Weekly Book Poll (April 18th)

This week I've been reading the same books as last week. They're both good books but I just haven't been able to have as much reading time as I would have liked.

Border Lass has a slower plot than I was expecting but it's still a good read. It's on my iTouch and I like the fact that I always have a book with me for when I have a few minutes of down time.

"The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton is the other book I'm currently reading. I'm about 140 pages into it and it's an interesting mix of contemporary fiction, mystery, fable .... Really cool so far.

Next up: "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I've heard many great things about this book but just reading the book cover got me really excited about reading it. I have it out from the library on a 2 week loan so I've got to hussle and finish reading the other two books before I can start this one. I can manage reading 2 books at once but 3 would be pushing it.

What's everyone else reading?


A Cop's Girl said...

I am waiting for two holds to come in at the library based on your reading and comments.The Heretic Queen and Into The Wilderness.I also place a hold on The Help but that is going to take a bit to get to me.So l am sort of between books and not reading much of anything.

Laurie said...

Cop's Girl,
I'm glad to hear you've found some new reading suggestions here. I just started reading "The Help" today and I'm already on page 80. It's a really good, easy read so far.

I really enjoyed both "Into the Wilderness" and "The Heretic Queen". Have you read "Nefertiti" yet from Moran? If not, I'd suggest reading it before "The Heretic Queen". "Nefertiti" is the first book in the series and "The Heretic Queen" does refer back to the first book quite a bit.

Michelle Moran's next book "Cleopatra's Daughter" is at the top of my 'want to read' list. She's an amazing author in the historical fiction genre.

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