Sunday, 11 April 2010

Weekly Reading Poll - April 11th

This is my first Weekly Book Poll here on my blog! I'm thinking that each Sunday night I'll start a post and we can all share what we've been reading so we can let others know about authors we might not have heard of before. Word of mouth is a great way to find great reads. The more comments the better!!!

I think if we all post some of the books we've been reading this past week as well as what we're planning on reading this coming week it will be a wonderful way to get some opinions from other readers. You can also find other people here that might have similar book tastes making it even easier to find new reads!

So ....

What did you read last week?
What did you think about it?
Would you recommend it to others?

What are you reading now?
What do you think of it so far?

What are you planning on reading next?

Personally, you all know what I've read this past week so I think I'll just tell you what I'm planning on reading once I finish "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief" by Rick Riordan. I only have about 50 pages left with the Lightening Thief so by tomorrow I'll start reading either "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton (contemporary fiction) or "Hunter's Moon" by C.J. Adams and Cathy Clamp (supernatural).


Beth said...

Last week: I caught up on my magazine reading (Real Simple, InStyle, Marie Claire, and Glamour). I had still not read the March issues since I have so many good books on my nightstand. I love reading magazines. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from reading a meaty 500+ page book and read something short and lighthearted.

This week: I am reading The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow. I am really enjoying it so far. It is an exploration of Molly's life as she tries to figure out how she died (yes, Molly is not your normal protagonist, she is stuck in the hereafter). I would definitely recommend it so far.

Next up: The Endless Forest by Sara Donati.

Laurie said...

I loved "The Endless Forest" by Sara Donati. I'm sure you'll like it too. It was a nice final book for the series.
Personally, I'm not a magazine fan ... never have been really. The only magazines I get are Allergic Living and Quick Cooking (Taste of Home). I just don't like the women's magazines because it feels like 60% of them are ads and if they're American chances are we won't get the products they're advertising for a few months anyway.

Now, if there's a People magazine lying around in a doctor's office I'll totally read it ... but won't get a subscription for myself.

A Cop's Girl said...

I am reading Silent In The Grave by Denna Raybourn.It's a historical mystery.When Lady Julia Grey finds out her husband has been murdered she sets out to find his killer.So far l am on the fence about the book not loving it,not disliking it either.

I have a feeling l know where the storyline is going and l am trying not to skip to the end of the book to see if l am right.

I am so a magazine junkie.People,Canadian Living,Good Housekeeping are my must have's.Friday night l have a hot bath with my tea and People.

Laurie said...

That must be a pretty big tub you have, A Cop's Girl. How many people can you fit in your tub? ;)

I'm a big fan of historical ... anything, quite frankly. Mysteries, fiction... you name it. Have you read any books by Michele Moran?? She wrote "Nefertiti" and "The Heretic Queen" which are amazing novels.

Aleisha said...

I am currently reading stieg Larrson's The Girl Who Played With Fire and am totally loving it. I could not get into the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but I will prbobaly go back and try it again after reading this one. You have to be willing to let go of some things because it has been translated from Swedish and sometimes he assumes that you know all about landmarks, streets etc. and Swedish culture, but it's still a fast-paced mystery that I can't believe how much I am enjoying it, not at all my speed in terms of books.

Laurie said...

I've seen Stieg Larrson's name at Chapters but had no idea if his books were good or not. What genre are his books?

Mommydoodle said...

Last week, this week and the weeks after that: Still reading Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone. I'm about half way through. It usually takes me about 6 months to get through one of her books and this one won't be any different. I think that's why I was so hesitant to pick it, even though I absolutely love this series. I had become quite used to smaller, quicker reads that I could get through in 2-3 weeks. It was nice being able to read so many (well, so many for me anyway) different titles and series. I am enjoying the book quite a bit, which really isn't a surprise to me.

Next up (in about 2-3 more months!): Well that depends on the wait list at the library. If my turn for Sara Donati's newest one comes up, that's what I'll read. If not, perhaps The Book of Negroes (that I've been dying to read for about a year now!), or, depending on timing, perhaps the newest in the House of Night series if its out by then. I'll see where I'm at at the end of Gabaldon then decide from there.

Laurie said...

This past fall I re-read Outlander (one of my fav books of all time) so that I could continue on re-reading the whole series. I wanted to remember the storyline (that I originally read almost 8 years ago) so that I could read the last 2 books in the series. After reading the 4th book I got bored and left the series for other reading endeavors.
I highly recommend "Book of Negroes" as well as "The Endless Forest" by Donati. Both are great reads. :)

Mommydoodle said...

I love the Sara Donati series to date, although wasn't thrilled with the last one, "Queen of Swords". I will definitely be reading "The Endless Forest". Judging by the title, I'm hoping the story gets back on track with Elizabeth, Nathaniel and their family. I've had Book of Negroes on my dresser for over a year now. I'll get to both of these books. Its just a matter of when!

Mommydoodle said...

I've re-read The Outlander series before too. Like you, to remember all the characters and story lines. Although I own all the books, I don't think I'll re-read them again. A wonderful series, but they just take me so long to read simply because I have so many things on the go, I just can't get through them quickly. Besides, be-friending you and Geisen and Liz, the 3 of you have opened me up to new genre's. So although I still love, and always will a good historical fiction, there are just too many other stories I'd like spend my precious reading time enjoying.

Laurie said...

I totally understand, Mommydoodle.
I love the fact that I have so many new genres that I love. I could not stick with just one genre. :)
Personally, although I loved Outlander the rest in the series weren't as good. I much prefer Donati's series. It wasn't as hard to keep track of the storyline (Donati doesn't get as political) and I love the fact that Donati doesn't put all of her 'romantic eggs' in one basket. Her storyline moves along faster in her books and she lets you love different generations of characters unlike Gabaldon who tended to focus so much on Claire and Jamie that when she tried to introduce Brianna & Roger ... it fell flat, in my opinion anyway.
Currently I'm reading a historical fiction set in Scotland as well as a more contemporary fiction. I like to keep it interesting!

Mommydoodle said...

I know what you mean Laurie. I really don't care for Brianna and Roger (although, the story has taken on a rather interesting twist and I am very eager to find out how its all going to play out!) I will still with the Outlander series to the end. You are right, not all the books are equal, but overall, a fantastic series.

Funny that you prefer the Donati series. I didn't care for Elizabeth Middleton when I first "met" her. It took some time for me to appreciate her personality.

What is the Scottish historical one you are reading now???

Laurie said...

It's called "Border Lass" and I got it from as an e-book for my iTouch. Now have book will travel (easier at least). It's an ok read but there are other authors who do good historical fiction based in Scotland that aren't too taxing on the mind. More like a romance/historical fiction. You should try Amanda Scott or some of Julie Garwoods' books (like "Ransom") as well as Kathleen Givens (I really enjoyed her "On a Highland Shore").

Aleisha said...

It's a trilogy (Steig Larsson), but I could not get into the first one at all, I picked it up at a Walgreen's in the States because there were no bookstores where we were in Florida (gasp!) and I needed something for the flight home. I thought it was a stand alone book and so I was like, it sounds better than the other one and I'm not really into romance, so... I was stuck with it. Well, it was great. Mystery, thriller. Look past not knowing everything they talk about in terms of sweden and Swedish stuff and it's a good thriller with a kick ass female lead character. Sadly, it's a trilogy and you will have to wait for the third book until May and it does end on a bit of a high note and it's not resolved, but still really good.

Laurie said...

I love getting into a trilogy or series. I love getting to know the characters well over several books.

I don't like it when I zip through the first few books ... only to find that the next book in the series won't be out for awhile. I'm much too impatient to have to wait for several months ... then I tend to forget some of the original plot so I re-read them again lol.

I used to love reading one of the Stephanie Plum books in between other books. At the time there were about 9 books in the series so I always knew that I had plenty to keep my Plum fixin' going.

I'm not one to read an entire series all at once. I like to prolong my enjoyment I guess. :)

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