Monday, 17 May 2010

Dirty Blonde

Author: Lisa Scottoline
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Pages: 354
First Line: "Cate Fante was the guest of honor at this celebration, which was drawing to a liquefied close."

Synopsis: Cate Fante is in her late 30's when she becomes a federal judge -- much younger than her fellow judges who are entering their retirement years. On the outside Cate seems to bring a fresh new vibe to being a judge. Inwardly, she leads a secret double life. So secret that even her best friend has no idea what Cate's been up to.

When a high-profile case erupts in Cate's courtroom suddenly her secret life is not so secret anymore. Suddenly she has paparazzi tailing her for pictures and digging into her personal life. When her fellow judges learn of her secrets the job she's worked so hard for becomes in jeopardy. When her life becomes in danger, as well as those she loves, she knows that she has to figure a way out of the mess she's created.

My Thoughts: Let me start by saying that Lisa Scottoline is one of my favourite authors for suspense novels. She always throws lots of curve balls and has really strong main characters. Unfortunately I didn't love this book. I liked it ... but I couldn't get all gushy over the storyline. It seemed a little too unbelievable and disjointed to me. Yes, the new, really young judge has a secret life (Scottoline never really explains why Cate behaves the way she does ... personally I'd like to know why). Also, bringing her back to her childhood town .... not sure why that was even brought up. Didn't seem like it really fit in.

Was there suspense? Yes. Was it as great a book as I've come to expect from Scottoline (who, by the way, is a hilarious woman herself. See "Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog" review here on my blog). Um, not really. If you're looking for some great Scottline suspense check out "Devil's Corner" or "Daddy's Girl" -- both great reads.
My Rating: 3/5

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