Saturday, 29 May 2010

Murder Melts in Your Mouth

Author: Nancy Martin
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 289
Series: 7th book in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery (read in order)
Series Order:
  1. How to Murder a Millionaire (2002)
  2. Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds (2003)
  3. Some Like It Lethal (2004)
  4. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (2005)
  5. Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too (2006)
  6. A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (2007)

First Line: "While yakking into her cell phone with her massage therapist, my sister Libby walked out into traffic and got herself hit by a Rolls-Royce."

Synopsis: Former debutante Nora Blackbird has a busy life. She's a social reporter for the local paper, she's 'off again' with her boyfriend/Mafia wise guy Mick and her sister Libby has been hit by a car and decides she needs to recuperate at The Ritz so she pawns her 5 children off on Nora. Plus, Nora's other sister, Emma, is on the brink of another drinking bender. Add her scandelous parents arrival on her doorstep (after taking the sisters' trust fund and leaving town several years ago) and poor Nora's got a lot on her plate!

Where is the mystery you ask? Well, when Nora's best friend Lexie is accused of murdering a local philanthropist Nora dives in and tries to prove her friend's innocence.

My Thoughts: I enjoy this series. It's not a book that's going to spark debates but it's a great summer time read with quirky characters and a decent mystery. I'd highly suggest reading this series in order. There is a growth to the characters that you won't get unless you start at the beginning.

While this is a mystery, this book dealt more with relationships among the characters than the actual mystery. I'm not complaining ... just an observation. This is a light read but it does deal with some serious issues like abortion and unplanned pregnancy, infidelity, unknown siblings ... not to mention the usual murder. I did enjoy the off-again aspect of Mick and Nora's romance but they seemed to make up rather quickly after he left her in the last book. They have a great good girl/bad guy thing going on which I like.

I also love how this odd family made up of spoiled debutantes and unlawful parents still feels very much like a family. They all may be totally off their respective rockers but there are great family bonds and loyalty that are shown in the book ... especially when a new family member emerges. There are some new secondary characters that are added to the story in this book and I'm looking forward to seeing how the effect the overall storyline.

My only negative comment is that, at times, it's painful to see how Libby uses Nora. I know Libby is supposed to be the self-centred, spoiled debutante but it would be nice if her character evolved a bit. Although she did show somewhat of a softer side in this book towards Nora, she really hasn't changed too much over the 7 books. Nora needs to get a backbone.

My Rating: 4 stars

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