Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My New Veggie Garden

"B" and I have been quite busy getting stuff done outside at our new house since we moved in 18 months ago. New front and side gardens, new fence, new patio and driveway. Lots done. One of the things at the top of my list (and at the bottom of my husband's) was a vegetable garden. I have a perfect spot right under my kitchen window that's about 5x12' in full sun. Perfect!

The picture above is only part of my new garden.

I asked my husband B if he'd whip me up a raised garden. You can imagine just how 'excited' he was when I asked him! It was a gloriously beautiful Saturday here and instead of jet skiing at the cottage he stayed and built me a garden. Now that's love for ya!
Now, there's something you have to know about me. I am totally useless when it comes to guessing how long a certain task will take. For me, making an 18-inch tall raised garden that's 5'x12' long would take about 4 hours. "B" is much more of a hands-on, level-headed kind of guy and he would whole heartedly disagree. I suppose I didn't take into account how long it takes to rip up the grass, cut wood and put the wooden frame together, how long it takes to silicone all of the joints (so dirty water doesn't seep out and make the wood look nasty), drive to get my Dad's trailer to get the soil .... What can I say? I'm a visionary and don't think about how to get the job done. Together, "B" and I make a great team. I'm the visionary and he's the braun!
When it was all said and done "B" asked me to guess how much the new garden cost. Again, so not good with stuff like the cost of wood, soil and sheep poop. Go figure. Apparently my new little Eden has cost us over $200. With a chuckle and a smirk on his face "B" wondered just how many green peppers and other veggies it would take to break even on the cost of the garden. But I'm sure when he bites into the homemade strawberry rhubarb pie (his fav) he'll see the benefits of home gardening (not to mention making me happy always miraculously makes him happy).
My new garden is now home to carrots, 6 green pepper plants, sweet basil, 2 different tomato plants and a big rhubarb plant. I'm hoping to also add some green onions. I also have a separate pot of rosemary and oregano.
I'm so excited about this garden. Is it wrong to be so excited about rhubarb and green peppers? I'm also hoping that my continual staring at said veggie garden will make it grow faster. Or is it like the proverbial 'watched pot'?


Aleisha said...

I love that you have a veggie garden. We have a huge one at my grampa's. We have too many things to mention, but you will appreciate the flavour of your food from yo9ur own garden. There is something really amazing about watching life grow outside your window.

Laurie said...

I also think that now that my kids are older (6, 8 and 10) they'll get something out of it too. I like the fact that it shows them that if they put the work in, they'll reap the benefits later on.

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