Friday, 9 July 2010

My Fairy Bookmother

So there I was cleaning and tidying my house (yet again) on our first rainy day in a week. With the kids all at home now on summer vacation my house can go from clean to cluttered in less than 50 seconds.

I was in my laundry room knee-deep in running shoes and baskets of laundry ... you know, livin' the dream, when all of a sudden my doorbell rings and who should magically appear? My very own Fairy Bookmother with her arms full of books!

Had I subconsciously clicked my heels while picking up yet another stray sock from my kids? Had stepping on my 10th piece of Lego today magically sent out an SOS to my FBM? Had her Fairy Bookmother senses started tingling? Who knows. All I know is that she generously gave me several Jodi Picoult reads that I have yet to read as well as a few others.

Gotta love the Fairy Bookmother. I highly recommend getting one. :) Thanks Jen S!

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