Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Some of the Bounty From My Back 40

Back 40 may be pushing it but I've gotta tell you ... having a veggie garden has been a lot of fun. I have tomato plants, a strawberry plant, rhubarb, chives, rosemary, oregano, basil, carrots and green peppers! Ten year old "Cub" was even out there this morning watering our veggie garden. I love seeing the kids get involved in the garden!

I love the fact that I can walk out of my kitchen and snip off some fresh basil or tomatoes (both pictured above) and throw them in a sauce or salad. Mmm, mmm, good! The smell of fresh basil is awesome!

One of my tomato plants is a behemoth! I suspect it's taking steroids but I'm afraid to ask it. It has taken over a good 1/3 of my garden but has at least 30 small tomatoes getting ready to ripen up. I say at least because I find it hard to see into the middle of the plant/bush to see what I've got growing in there.

On the other end of the spectrum, my sad little rhubarb plant is hangin' in there ... just barely. I've found that vegetable gardening has taught me a modicum of patience ... you can't rush a rhubarb. I've tried!! You can water, feed, suck up all you want but it'll grow when it's good and ready. Huh.

Does anyone else boast a home veggie garden? What are you all growing? What are some of your star plants?


Anonymous said...

My cherry tomato plants have gone crazy this year. They are a good 6 feet tall - which is a foot taller than me.

This is the first year I've grown herbs. What took me so long?!!

Laurie said...

I'm the same way, Sharilyn. Not sure why I waited so long to grow herbs. I'm going to try to grow them indoors for the winter but since my house faces north I don't get much direct sunlight into my house. Not sure how well they'll fare. It would be wonderful to have fresh herbs all year long.

I can't remember what kind of tomato plant I have. The tag is shoved into the earth at the base of the plant but there's no way that I can actually read the tag since the plant has taken on humongous proportions. They grown in bunches and are larger than a cherry tomato but smaller than a Roma. The actual plant is about 5 feet deep and 4 feet high. A monster, I tell you!

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