Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Day Filled with Memories

Here in the Great White North we have a holiday weekend to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. Normally, my family and I would be at the cottage or planning a day trip somewhere. This year was different!

View of the Toronto Skyline as seen from Toronto Island.
After many months of chatting via Facebook with a group of my closest friends from my old high school (I went there from Gr 9-11) we decided to finally meet face to face. Friends B and C planned the event which included friends from all over Canada and one from the US. So, with a bunch of my friends, our gaggle of offspring, hubbies and an entourage of wagons filled with food and kid stuff we went by ferry to Toronto Island. Once there we had a great picnic, a swim in the lake and then back to B & C's condo for a party. A WONDERFUL day filled with loads of memories and lots of laughing.
Some of my friends had come all the way from British Columbia and Michigan for this get together. There were two separate groups of my friends that had kept in touch with each other over the years but for all of us to get together? It was 21 years in the making. Was it uncomfortable? Did we have anything in common with each other after all that time? Oh man. We had a blast and the only way I can describe the feeling of seeing these faces that I hadn't seen in so long is .... easy. It was so easy, it was like we had seen each other a few months ago ... not over 2 decades ago.
There were lots of old pictures brought out which, of course, brought on lots of "I remember that!", "What were were thinking wearing THAT?!?" and lots of laughs. Overall, a wonderful weekend ... so wonderful that my kids (and Brad and I!) want to do it again. I just hope that it doesn't take us another 2 decades to get together for the next reunion!

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