Saturday, 25 September 2010

Deeply, Desperately

Author: Heather Webber
Genre: Light Mystery / Supernatural
Pages: 302
First Published: August 2010
Series: 2nd book in the Lucy Valentine series
Series Order (read in order):
  1. Truly, Madly (2009)
  2. Deeply, Desperately (2010)
  3. Absolutely, Positively (2011)

Synopsis: In this second installment of the Lucy Valentine series we find Lucy trying to get her new "Lost Loves" business off the ground. Lucy uses her psychic power of finding lost things in order to help people find loved ones they've lost touch with. With the help of PI and boyfriend Sean and annoying reporter Preston, Lucy tries to find the lost love of a war vet as well as helping the local police find a woman who has been missing for 2 years.

My Thoughts: If you're in the mood for a fast-paced book that has some romance with a light mystery this is a good pick. It's not high literature but is perfect for a cold, rainy day snuggled up with a cuppa hot chocolate.

The 'mystery' part of this series isn't a huge whodunnit but smaller mysteries. I actually don't mind it because Webber has a knack for keeping the reader engaged and the storyline moving along. I read this book in a day and a half (which is really good for me).

We see more of Lucy's family dynamics in this book and without giving too much away there are some interesting twists to Lucy's family life. The banter back and forth between Lucy, her mother and Dovie is amusing as well as how Preston and Lucy talk to each other. I hope, in future books, there will be more verbal sparring between Preston and Lucy. It was a little too mild for my tastes.

Overall a good, light read. I look forward to reading the third book in the series when it comes out early next year.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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