Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Can See You

Author: Karen Rose
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Pages: 606
First Published: 2009
First Line: "She was shy."

Synopsis: Several years ago Eve Wilson was the victim of two vicious crimes which left her disfigured. In order to cope she retreated into the virtual world on on-line role-playing games. Years later she's now a psychology grad student she's studying the effects of intensive exposure to these type of games on people. When she learns that the test subjects in her study are committing suicide she, along with Detective Noah Webster, are determined to figure out why and how they can stop it from happening again. Eve and Noah soon figure out that Eve's study has caught the attention of a serial killer who kills and tortures these innocent women while making the crime scenes look like suicide. The killer is also bent on destroying Eve herself.

My Thoughts: This book was one of the books I just happened to grab at the local library based only on the look of it's cover. I'm glad I did because this book keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire 600+ pages -- which is not an easy feat. It did feel, at times, a titch too long or perhaps I was just impatient and wanted to know whodunnit before the author was ready to tell me! Overall this was a really good read which I whipped through in a little over 2 days. Rose's writing reminded me a lot of James Patterson's style of writing (aka very easy to read, suspenseful, hard-to-put down). There is a romantic element to the book but it, thankfully, doesn't overpower the main storyline.

Lots of potential suspects along the way. I kept changing my mind as to who the killer could be. There were a few characters that I got the feeling had been involved in some of Rose's previous books and when I looked into it further I was right. I wouldn't say that you have to read her previous books beforehand (her books aren't considered a series) but I look forward to reading more of Rose's books to see how Eve met up with some of the secondary characters from her past.

Noah and Eve are good far-from-perfect main characters with their own hang-ups and issues they need to deal with. The romance between them is a little on the cheesy side at times but overall they make a good couple and you want to root for them.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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