Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Die for You

Author: Lisa Unger
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Pages: 345
First Line: "A light snow falls, slowly coating the deep-red rooftops of Prague."

Synopsis: Isabel Raine had a great life. A successful career as a novelist, wonderful husband and a close extended family. Then suddenly one morning her husband, Marcus, disappears without a trace. She tries to track him down at his office where she is attacked and doesn't wake up until police detectives arrive on the scene and question her about some murders. Unable to give up on her husband she attempts to track him down putting her life in more and more jeopardy. As she pieces things together she learns that the 5 years she was married to her husband were a total lie and begins to wonder exactly whom she married.

My Thoughts: I didn't love this book. It started off with a good premise but didn't give me enough suspense throughout the book. I actually put the book down, read another book, then came back to finish off the last 40 pages or so hoping that Ms Unger would pick up the pace and end off with a bang. Sadly, she didn't.

One of my biggest beefs was the fact that I didn't understand why the author included so many little subplots in the book. There were literally three that didn't need to be included for this story to flow. Did she not have enough fodder for a full length suspense novel? Why is the death of her father, the problems in her sister's marriage pertinent to the turmoil that Isabel is living through? Why do I care if one of the police detective's marriage disintegrated? Why???? I just didn't get it. Their inclusion in the storyline was more of a distraction to me than bonus storylines.

Another gripe of mine is that in several places I found it hard to determine who was speaking. It was just line after line of dialogue and it was hard to piece together the conversation. Don't make me work so hard, Ms Unger! I don't want to have to disect each page to figure out who said what.

Overall, I would not recommend this book. I have heard that "Beautiful Lies" by Unger is a great read. Unfortunately I picked up this book first.

My Rating: 1.5/5 stars

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