Friday, 15 October 2010

Oh what an evening!

Wednesday morning my dearest Brad texts me and asks if I want to go to the Bell Celebrity Gala again this year. We had gone last year and I had a ball! So I asked when it would take place and Brad informs me that it was the next day. O-k. Mad rush to find a gown, shoes, jewellery, pashmina .... It all worked out and I didn't freak out. Amazing for a A person like moi.

This being my second time at the Bell Celebrity Gala I kind of knew what to expect. As you come off the escalator there are a bunch of papparazzi (really! we have them in Canada too) snapping pictures of the beautiful, famous people. I've heard that it is the biggest celebrity event in Canada and there were definitely a lot of Canadian talent there to support a good cause. Lots of famous faces milling about and, if you're lucky, you can get autographs and pictures.

Bell puts this fancy shindig on once per year to sponsor a charity. Last year it was Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and this year (as well as the next 5 years) the donations will go towards CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). Over 1.2 million dollars was raised last night and it was a great night. Our national treasure, and Olympic medalist, Clara Hughes gave a small speech because this charity is near and dear to her heart. Lots of entertainment (I don't believe my hearing has recovered yet) including live bands like Down with Webster, Faber Drive, Fefe Dobson, Jully Black plus a few great numbers from the musical "Rock of Ages" (which were awesome!). Add to that a fashion show of pouty, long-legged beautiful people and it was a great night.

This year we had a celebrity at our table. We had "Mad Dog" from the Mad Dog and Billie Toronto radio show who was a great guy. I recognized him but sadly, I don't listen to his show since I'm not a big radio person. At the table next to us was Steven Page (former lead singer of the Bare Naked Ladies) and who should come to say hi but Ed Robertson, the current lead singer of BNL (see a picture of him and I above)! I also saw Stephen Sabados and Chris Hyndman (hosts of the Stephen and Chris talk show), Jeannie Beker (fashion icon), David Usher, Sofia Milos (CSI Miami), stars from Corner Gas ...

A tonne of Raptors, Argonauts, Blue Jays and numerous hockey players were there as well. I'm not a big sports person but apparently Theo Fleury was there as well as Paul Henderson (he of the infamous jersey).

Overall a great night. Wish I would have met more celebs but I did get a wonderful surprise by running into, quite unexpectedly, two of my former university roommates - Ang and Vicky! How cool is that!?! Last year Vicky attended too so she and I stalked Kurt Browning until we got a picture with him. We didn't totally scare him off because he was there again this year.

Now, running on a mere 5 hours of sleep I am going to take it easy for a bit.

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