Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A riddle: What do you get when ...

you have 9 women, freshly brewed coffee, homemade muffins and a charity? Give up? Bags and bags full of used clothing donated to those who truly need it!

Eleven year old "Cub's" school was having a charity drive. For every tonne of used clothing donated an organization would give the school $2. The school is then going to donate the money to a local charity (that the students will choose) and the clothes will be sent to eastern Europe. A double charity!!

I thought I'd try to combine my God given muffin talents (toot toot), my love of the java and chit chat. So I invited a few moms over to my place this morning. My only requirement for attending was that they had to donate at least one bag of used clothing. It went really well and I ended up carting a full minivan of clothing (16 very heavy garbage bags, to be exact) to the school. The school was shocked to see how much we donated at a single event. Yes, coffee at my place is considered 'an event'.

What did I learn with this little endeavor? Well, I learned :

  • it feels really good to do something for others
  • it destresses me when I purge my closets
  • I have ladies who'll help me out when needed
  • it is possible for me to wake up at 6:30am (to bake said muffins). Who knew?!?
  • I have really weak arm muscles (which are still feeling shaky after carrying the bags. Sad, I know!)
Thanks to all who came on over! I hope you enjoyed the morning and enjoy the extra space in your closets!

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