Monday, 14 February 2011


Love. It's considered a many splendored thing. Phil Collins doesn't think you should hurry it. It's the one thing that is elusive to poor Pepe Le Pew. Tina Turner wants to know what it's got to do with anything while Def Lepard thinks it bites. Then there's Aerosmith who like it in an elevator ... well, perhaps Steven Tyler's viewpoint is not in the truly romantic sense of the word but you get the picture. Love is huge and what the world needs now, you guessed it, is love.

Love. L'amour. Amor. Amore. However you say it, we all want some! Yes, today is Valentine's Day -- the day of love that greeting card companies, chocolatiers and florists revel in. The day when everyone wants that extra little bit of attention from their loved ones. For some it means a handmade Valentine from your kids, a romantic dinner out (sans kids) or some chocolate and flowers. To others it means having your husband pour you a glass of wine, tell you to sit and relax while he bathes and puts the kids to bed. Men who have learned that a combo of all of the above on Valentine's Day have achieved their PhD status in romance!!

Is it fair to put the onus on men to provide the romance on Valentine's Day? No, but the truth is we do! Valentine's Day is a big day for men to score some major brownie points. Forgetting to do anything on February 14th for your girlfriend/wife is not for the faint of heart. Forgetting or ignoring this day can have varying results. From getting a chilly reception when you get home from work, to getting the evil eye from her girlfriend's (because you know she's told them that you forgot!) to getting the silent treatment until you apologize on bended knee.

Do Brad and I do a huge no holds barred take on V-day? Na. Never have really. We do exchange some chocolate with each other (and buy some for the little humans). After 13 years of marriage Brad has learned that one of the quickest roads to my heart is by plying me with chocolate. I'm a cliche, what can I say (apparently I'm also a poet).

I did go one step further this morning though. After a very restless night (for some reason I could not sleep until 3:30!!) I got up bright and early (ok, 6:30 instead of 7:15) and made the family a delish breakfast of giant heart shaped pancakes topped with strawberries cut into heart shapes and dusted with icing sugar. Nothing over the top but a nice little treat. That will be the extent of our Valentine's Day extravaganza.

Wishing you a day filled with l'amour and chocolat!

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