Saturday, 13 August 2011

Final Call

Author: Terri Reid
Type: Kindle ebook
Genre: supernatural/mystery
Series: 4th book in the Mary O'Reilly mystery series
Series Order: "Loose Ends", "Good Tidings", "Never Forgotten" (read in order)
First Published: 2011
First Line: "Idiots!"

Synopsis: Mary O'Reilly was a tough Chicago cop until the day she was shot and killed. Given the choice to 'follow the Light' or return to her life with a special gift - she chose the latter. Her special gift? The ability to see and speak with ghosts. Using her new gift as well as the skills she honed as a Chicago cop she now runs her own investigation firm where she helps both the living and the dearly departed.

In "Final Call", Mary is asked to help two ghosts -- preacher Hezekiah Johnson as well as diva and actress Faye McMullen. Hezekiah died from a sudden heart attack and needs help figuring out how to move on and allow his family to move on without him. Faye McMullen's body was found in a theatre after yet another stressful play practice with the very rude and outspoken Faye who brings the word Diva to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, finding Faye's killer is going to prove to be difficult for Mary since Faye was a self-centred, egotistical woman who was bent on bullying and berating everyone in her path -- which leaves practically a whole town as suspects.

Added to Mary's stress is the tension she feels from keeping a huge secret from her boyfriend Chief of police Bradley Alden. Will Mary be given the go ahead to reveal what she knows? Will it destroy their relationship?

My Thoughts: I'm a big fan of this ebook series and I think that author Terri Reid hits another home run with this book. Not only was it really hard to put down but I read it in less than ONE day! Unheard of! And no, I did not neglect my children, fail to eat or socialize with people ... but every other minute was taken up with this book! You know you're reading a great book when you try to sneak off for even a couple of minutes to read just a couple more pages!

Like the other books in the series Final Call is filled with very likable and believable characters. Mary is a wonderful main character. She's strong, flawed, funny, sympathetic and brave. Great characteristics for a main character! The seriousness of the mystery is nicely balanced by the banter between characters and the relationship 'stuff' happening between Mary and Bradley.

I will admit that this book, the fourth in the series, is a lot less mystery and mainly deals with Mary and Bradley's relationship stress. Truth be told, the mystery part of the story was just ok (I guessed who dunnit right from the start actually) but the rest of the book made up for it. After waiting for a couple of books for Bradley to learn the secret Mary's been hiding I was much more interested to get more closure with that aspect of the book than reading about the mystery.

Reid brings back some great secondary characters (Stanley, Rosie and my beloved Mike). Mike the fireman ghost is, hands down, my favourite character in the series. He brings a great cool factor and his banter with Mary is hilarious and left me giggling to myself in a few spots. I get the feeling there's going to be a love triangle between Mary, Bradley and Mike ... I'm just not sure how that would happen since Mike is a ghost. Hmmmm.

I do hope that Mary's brother Sean makes an appearance in future books because he also brings a great comedic element the series and the way he interacts with his little sister is both funny and endearing. This book also introduces us to a new male character and possible future love interest to add to Mary's relationship stress (and my enjoyment -- especially since he has a wicked Scottish brogue *sigh*). I love me a man in a kilt!! Plus, his addition to the ongoing storyline makes for a great cliffhanger!

My one little issue with this book was that part way through there was this odd formatting issue during a eulogy. The minister's words are HUGE, massive!! Either the minister is screaming the eulogy (highly unlikely) or the book just needs some last minute editing. The text size goes back to normal after the eulogy but it was odd that the font was so big. An easily fixed issue, just odd.

I highly recommend this series if you're looking for a light mystery filled with great characters that keeps you wanting, no needing, to read the next book. The books are extremely well priced in the Kindle store ($2.99 each). I can't wait to see what happens in the fifth book!

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars


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