Thursday, 15 March 2012


If you've been following me on my Facebook page you'll notice two things.  First, I have a new profile picture.  I've had some work done and I no longer look like a pile of books and a baked muffin.  Actually, yesterday I spent a couple of hours chattin' with my favourite hair stylist whilst she worked on my 'do' and came out a new woman and thought I needed to spruce up the old pic. 

The other thing that you may have noticed on my Facebook page is that I have lost my beloved Kindle.  I still love paper books but I do love reading on my Kindle.  I just didn't realize how attached I've become to it until I lost it.  It's been two days since I've seen it.  I'm frustrated because Brad and I have literally scoured my house and van looking for it.  We've looked everywhere!!!  It has disappeared.  It can only be explained by rogue house elves or a black hole.  The thing is g-o-n-e ... GONE!

On the bright side (?) we have now {pretty much} confirmed from whom our three kids get their ability to lose their belongings on a regular basis.  Hint: It's most likely not Brad.  Perhaps the next time one of the kids misplaces their lunch bag/backpacks/right shoe I'll remember this event and feel more compassion for the little tykes.  Glass houses and all that.

Now I'm not only frustrated at not finding my Kindle.  I'm also sad because I do so luurve my Kindle.  My heart is heavy.  I feel like Laverne without Shirley.  I'm mac without the cheese.  I'm Shemar Moore without his six pack.  You get my drift.  Sad.

I have, on the advice of Amazon, deregistered my Kindle in case someone picks it up and starts buying ebooks on my Mastercard with complete abandon.  Until I find it (or give up and buy a new one) I can still thankfully read on my iPad or iPhone ... but it's not the same.

Please send me your very best 'find Laurie's Kindle' vibes.  Perhaps it'll show up in some completely random and obscure place in my house.  Although we did, after several searches, finally check every kitchen cupboard, the freezer, workbench, under every piece of furniture etc.  Perhaps it's hanging out with all of the missing socks, Lego pieces, spare change or even Jimmy Hoffa .... 

Anyone else have an Ereader that you luurve and cannot live without??


April from Comox BC said...

Oh no! You've got me beat for sure. I felt bad because my online library changed something last week and ever since then I haven't been able to download library books. It's been awful with a capital "A"! Like you said - made me realize how much I've come to rely on my Kobo! Anyways, I'm sending you all the "find Kindle" vibes I possibly can! I hope it turns up soon.

Angela Scott said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I love my kindle and would be a mess if it was lost. I hope it shows up soon. Fingers crossed for you.

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Sadly, my Kindle is still MIA. I must have dropped it somewhere. So sad!! Luckily I do still have my Kindle apps so I can keep reading the ARCs I've received but it's just so frustrating not knowing what happened to it. Someone out there now has a kindle with 86 books on it (although they won't be able to download anymore on that kindle ever since I deregistered it).

Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

Oh no! Still no luck? That stinks! Sending you all kinds of good vibes to find that sucker!

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