Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Really Cute Corpse

Author: Joan Hess
Genre: Mystery
Series: 4th book in the Claire Malloy series
Published: 1988
Pages: 244
1st Line: "All I've ever wanted to do was mind my own business."

Synopsis:  When Claire Malloy's best friend Luanne finds herself unable to fulfill her duties as Thurberville's fashion show organizer she asks for Claire's help.  Claire reluctantly takes on the role and soon finds herself dealing with a cantankerous theatre owner, an incontinent dog and a slew of giggling beauty queens. 

When several suspicious mishaps occur to one of the beauty queens Claire begins to get suspicious but is advised by the local police to not get involved.  But when a murder occurs Claire can't help but put her amateur sleuthing skills to work to find the murderer so the show can go on.

My Thoughts: This is only the second book that I've read by Joan Hess.  While this book (as well as the 14th book in the series that I read back in 2008) started off with witty and humourous writing and a likeable character the pace and suspense clearly dragged less than half way through.  When I add in the clich├ęd beauty queens and the predictable mystery it shouldn't come as a surprise that I didn't love this book.  I have no problem with a 'cozy mystery/beach book' but it still has to keep my interest and on the edge of my seat.

My Rating: 2/5 stars

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TheBookGirl said...

Too bad this was a bit of a clunker...I agree that it's fine to read lite, beach books, but they still have to deliver a decent story and good characters.

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