Monday, 7 May 2012

Nutella Buttercream Frosting

I know what you're thinking.  WHY is the Baking Bookworm, mother of a peanut allergic child, posting a recipe for a nutty frosting?!?!  Well, a couple of months ago we got the great news that Boy 1 can now, after 9 years and the go-ahead from his allergist, eat certain tree nuts (as long as they are produced faaaaar away from peanuts).  Yay!  Which nut was at the top of Boy 1's list to test for?!?  The mighty hazelnut because he desperately wanted to try Nutella.  Needless to say, Boy 1 has been enjoying Nutella a fair bit lately because, thankfully, its made in a peanut-free facility.

Here's a little back story for this recipe: This past weekend my kids and I were invited to go out to my parents' cottage to supp with my parents, aunt and uncles.  Brad was already out at the cottage with my dad getting the cottage ready for summer.  It was one gloriously beautiful day at the cottage -- the sun was shining, the dogs were running around, kids were unplugged from gadgets, great conversations with the extended family ... Brad even got the kids out on the jetskiis (even though the lake was frigid!!).  A perfect day.

Now, there's one thing you should know about my family.  We like to eat ... a lot and well.  Nothing bonds my family more than a huge meal.  My mom is usually the main contributor for suppers but she was on her way to the cottage from visiting one of my sisters so my Dad was the big kahuna in the kitchen.  My dad knows his way around a kitchen and usually just opens the fridge, throws stuff together and voila!  Supper is made and delish. 

Saturday night he and Brad outdid themselves by preparing a truly delicious supper which included a fantastic Blue Cheese & Bacon Wedge Salad, beef tenderloin steaks with crumbles of blue cheese on top, double baked potatoes and green beans.  Did I not say that we like to eat well?  This meal was off-the-charts good.  I got my blue cheese quota for the weekend and the beef steaks were melt-in-your-mouth 'oh m'gravy' tender.  There is simply nothing better than melted blue cheese on a tender beef tenderloin steak.  Nothing. The end.  Even Boy 1, lover of all manner of edible beasts, tried blue cheese on his salad in order to eat this steak. {Note: He hasn't been converted to a blue cheese lover and said no to blue cheese on his steak but has learned a valuable lesson -- in order to get the steak sometimes you have to eat mold.}

Anyway, never one to go to a supper empty handed I need to contribute something to the meal.  What did I bring?  My Garlic and Herb Topped Rosemary Bread {find that recipe HERE}  -- I seriously need an intervention when it comes to this carb!!! -- as well as dessert.  Boy 1 (an up and coming baker in his own right) baked a pan of brownies so I was only in charge of frosting them.  Knowing that Boy 1 has been crushing on Nutella lately I decided to add it into a buttercream frosting.  Oh ya.  It was as good as it sounds.  A slight hazelnut flavour combined with chocolate was a lovely way to end a meal that was one of the best I've had in a long time. 

Great conversation with my uncles and aunt, glorious food in m'belly, happy kids ... it was a great way to herald in summer!!

1/3 cup butter, softened
3/4 to 1 cup Nutella (depending on how nutty you feel)
3 cups icing sugar, sifted
Pinch of salt
2 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tbsp milk

In a medium bowl, combine the softened butter and Nutella until smooth.  Slowly add the sifted icing sugar.  Blend well.

Add salt, vanilla and 1 tbsp of milk.  Mix well.  Add additional tablespoons of milk until you get the consistency that you desire.  We like to have our frosting  for brownies on the thicker side so 3 tbsp was enough for us.

Refrigerate frosted brownies/cupcakes and any leftover frosting.

Note: the brownie recipe that was used in the above picture is from my Black Forest Brownie recipe.  Click here to find that recipe.

Yield: generously frost a 9x13-inch pan of brownies or 24 cupcakes (make the frosting thinner for cupcakes if you'd like to pipe it on).


Jen said...

That must be such a welcome relief! And who doesn't love Nutella1?

Kim - Liv Life said...

I'm so happy he can have a bit of nuts!! My daughter was allergic to dairy as a baby, and it was indeed a relief when we didn't have to watch everything so closely.
As for the frosting... WOW!!! Absolutely brilliant!!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Jen & Kim -- yes, it is a big relief that Boy 1 can now eat, at least some, tree nuts. It really does give us more food options. :) Nutella is divine ... even just as a spoonful (I may know that from past experience) ;)

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