Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mars Bar Krispie Treats

Let me start by saying that Rice Krispie treats are a big favourite around here (my Dad is known for his mild addiction to these puppies).  What I like is that they have just a few ingredients, are pretty easy to make and are quite delish too. 

But they do have a downside.  I personally hate dealing with the stickiness of melted marshmallow.  It's a sticky mess and I end up with a lot of it on my fingers as I try, as quickly as I can, to stir up the marshmallows and Rice Krispies.  I end up silently cursing and ask myself why I decided to make them.

Well, friends, I have found the cure for that sticky marshmallow hell.  Instead of using marshmallows we're going to use {drum roll, please} .... Mars Bars!  I know what you're thinking ... Laurie, you are a genius!  You're also probably thinking that substituting four Mars Bars isn't the healthiest choice ... and you'd be right.  But honestly, who are we kidding?  These are a treat and marshmallows aren't exactly at the top of Canada's Food Guide either, am I right?  So let's just revel in the fact that we're having chocolate bars with cereal!

I have to come clean here ... this is not my own recipe.  In fact I came across it at a very sad time in our lives.  Brad's grandfather passed away last month and at his funeral luncheon these squares were served.  The five great grandchildren quickly zoned in on them like they were a beacon in amongst the sandwiches and veggie trays.  These are outstanding!  Luckily for me, the lovely church ladies who put on the luncheon were kind enough to give the recipe to my mother-in-law to give to me.

Brad's Grandpa was a great lover of all things sweet so this post is dedicated to his memory.

Mars Bar Krispie Treats

4 Mars Bars (52g each - full sized)
1/2 cup butter
3 cups Rice Krispies

300g pkg of butterscotch chips (see note below) 

In a large, deep skillet (or large saucepan) melt the Mars Bars and the butter.  Add Rice Krispies.  Pour into a lightly greased 8x8-inch square pan.  Do not refrigerate.

In a double boiler, melt the butterscotch chips and pour over the bars. 

Let the melted chips set at room temperature (this will take at least an hour).  Cut into bite-sized (1-inch) squares (these are super sweet) and serve.  Store squares in an air-tight container.

Note about butterscotch chips: I used Walmart's brand which, in our area, are peanut-free. They are the only peanut-free butterscotch chip that I've been able to find in Ontario.  Please always check the label before using if you deal with a severe allergy.

Note: If peanut allergies aren't an issue for you, I'd recommend substituting peanut butter chips for the butterscotch chips.

Source: the ladies at our local Lutheran Church


Andrea C said...

My former mil, makes these and the kids love them, but she uses regular chocolate chips instead of butterscotch. I'll have to tell her the variation.


Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Hi Andrea - Ohhh, the melted butterscotch chips really make these squares! It's kind of like an extra layer of caramel on top of the caramel in the Mars bars. Deeelish!

It was really hard to stop eating them. I'm glad that I only made an 8x8 batch and didn't double it. Apparently we have no self control. ;)

Dzah said...

Argh... My butterscotch chips not melting like it should be. I wonder why....

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Dzah - It should probably take you at least 5 minutes for the chips to soften and melt in the double boiler. Did you get it to work? It seems to take awhile and then all of a sudden it's all melted. I hope it worked out and you enjoy these really yummy squares. :)

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