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Rotisserie Chicken {on the 'Q}

My personal goal for finding delicious and (hopefully) nutritious fare to serve my family stems from a desire to get a hearty "That was delicious!" from my people.  A culinary pat on the back, if you will.  But there are times when I need more than their kudos.
Sometimes I like to make food on the BBQ that 'inspires' my neighbours.  And by 'inspire' I mean make their stomachs jealous.  Oh so very jealous. {insert steepled fingers and a maniacal giggle}
See, when I'm on a walk and I can smell that someone is BBQ'ing up a steak or some other grilled treat my stomach gets more than a little envious.  Who doesn't, right?  I want to be eating that delicious smelling steak and all the fixings instead of the KD I whipped up quickly to sate my small humans (in my defense the KD was accompanied by some wonderful 'Tube Steaks' - wieners - morphing it into 'Fancy KD'.  Don't judge me.). 
My point?  People's stomachs get jealous and if I can be on the giving end of the jealousy I much prefer it and my stomach thanks me.  Just showing a little neighbourly love. ;)
This is where this recipe comes in to keep me on top of the Stomach Jealousy scale.  And did it smell G-O-O-D good!!  We were doing little happy dances as we watched the bird, who was trussed up within an inch of it's life ... er, death ... spin around on the rotisserie.  This bird could have been in the middle of a tornado and wouldn't have been pulled off the rotisserie.  He was snug as a bug and this trussing ensured that his legs and wings wouldn't fall into the 'Q -- something that probably would have brought a tear to Boy 1's (aka The Carnivore) eye.  And to top it all off, this was a good lookin' bird!  Darkened skin with lovely spices.  "Who's a pretty birdy?  You are!  Yes, you are!"
So, we liked how this bird smelled and looked as it went around and around on the rotisserie but did we enjoy eating it?  Oh yes.  Yes, indeed.  It was the most moist chicken in the history of the world.  Period.  The end.  Man, OH MAN!  Was this chicken good!  Even Boy 2 and Missy Moo (who typically are not lovers of eating chicken that aren't in finger or nugget form) inhaled this meat.
Not only was it ultra tasty and gorgeous looking but it was so easy!  Why?  Because Brad took the helm and prepped this baby!  Gotta love a man that can cook, people!!  He skewered and trussed this bird up like it was resisting arrest.  It wasn't going anywhere but "IN MY BELLY!".
So, I got off pretty easy with this meal and all I had to contribute was a salad and I made a batch of my Roasted Greek Lemon Potatoes (another fav of mine).  I literally had to tell Brad to stop me from eating the leftovers as we cleaned up the kitchen.  Sooo good!

So, do you have any recipes that you make that cause a little neighbourly Stomach Jealousy?!

4lb roasting chicken
1/4 cup butter, softened
1 tbsp paprika
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp salt

Rinse the chicken under cold water ensuring to rinse the cavity.  Pat dry with a paper towel.

Sprinkle a couple of pinches of salt into the chicken's cavity.  Put chicken on the rotisserie skewer, ensuring that you truss it up good and tight (with kitchen twine) so the legs and wings are snug to the body.

Place chicken on the BBQ and cook for 10 minutes on high using the rotisserie burner on your BBQ.  Reduce heat to medium and put the rub on the outside of the chicken (adding more rub a few more times during cooking) until the internal temperature reaches 165F in the breast. 

Our bird took about 60-90 minutes to cook but Brad says the most important thing is to follow the internal temperature of the bird, not necessarily the time.

Tent chicken under foil for 10 minutes (this is important!  Don't skip it!) and then carve.  Now wait to see your neighbours looking around to figure out who made that delicious smelling bird. 

Source: 'Rotisserie Chicken'

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