Thursday, 9 October 2014

Product Review: Inateck Compact Kindle Paperwhite Protective Sleeve

If you own a Kindle you know that they're worth their weight in gold.  At least my two Kindles rank rather high on my beloved things list so I protect them as much as possible but as we unfortunately know these cases can get ridiculously pricey! 

But not all cases have to break the bank.  This envelope-style padded case made by Inateck is a great option for keeping your Kindle safe especially if you're prone to throwing it into your bag or purse where the risk of getting your screen scratched with keys and other detritus is quite high.  It is a good blend of protection/functionality and affordable price and the fact that it is made from an environmentally friendly material which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable is the icing on the cake for me.

I used this product over the past week and I find it to be well made with quality stitching and the thick felt didn't seem to pill when I used it.  Think of this as a sleeping bag for your Kindle.

While sleeping bags are comfy and protect you from the elements they aren't known for being stylish.  The same goes with this product.  Admittedly it is rather plain with its industrial gray felt and no nonsense strap with Velcro fastener.  Personally, I'd prefer to stay a little stylish while still being functional so I wish I was given the option on colour or pattern.  Medium gray is fine but it gives the case a more industrial, not so feminine feel to it. 

I also prefer my Kindle case to be attached to my Kindle so that I have one less thing to keep track of but for those times when you really need to protect your Kindle this product would work well.  I wasn't willing to drop my Kindle while it was in this sleeve (I shudder at the thought of possibly hurting my beloved Kindle) but with the well-padded, thick felt I feel confident that this case would protect it.

The case also has a sturdy strap that has a few functions.  First, it acts as a case closure ensuring that your Kindle won't slip out.  The strap goes down inside the sleeve to the bottom and then continues up the sleeve on the opposite side where it is secured.  This ensures that the bottom of the Kindle is nestled on the strap and not pushing on the bottom of the sleeve.  Lastly, since the Kindle is a snug fit into the sleeve when you want to remove your Kindle from the sleeve just release the Velcro and pull on the strap which pulls your Kindle out easily.

Given the choice, on a daily basis I still think that I prefer my hot pink Kindle case that automatically awakens my Kindle when I open it.  I hate the price I paid for it but the hot pink helps me find my Kindle in the chaos that are my large purses/backpack.  But if I were to be going on more of a trek with my Kindle in hand I would definitely put my Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch (both of which fit well) into this snug sleeve for some added, padded protection.  At a very decent price and great quality this well-made Kindle sleeve is a great addition to Kindle covers.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Disclaimer:  I was given a sample of this product by the manufacturer to review and provide my honest review. 

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