Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Story of Our Lives

Author: Helen Warner
Genre: Women's Fiction
Type: Paperback
Pages: 428
Source: TLC Blog Tour
Publisher: Graydon House
First Published: February 13, 2018
First Line: "Sophie could feel herself starting to sweat as she tried to heave the stone pot to one side."

Book Description from GoodReadsSophie, Emily, Amy and Melissa have been friends forever. But the problem with your oldest friends is that they always know your darkest secrets. A powerful, moving, unputtdownable novel following twenty years of friendship, and one unforgettable lie, The Story of Our Lives is a treat for fans of The Versions of Us and One Day

My Rating: 2.5 stars (aka 'an okay read')

My Review: The Story of Our Lives is a look at the friendships of four women.  Readers get an inside look at their ups and downs when they meet up for their yearly girls' weekends over a period of twenty years.

This was an easy read that was more melodramatic than I had anticipated. The book deals with a lot of issues but maintains a light, soap opera feel to it as the characters are continually pummelled with heartbreak, illness, some happy times and a wallop of good old betrayal thrown in for good measure.

This was a non-stop rollercoaster ride of maladies, secrets and lies. Unfortunately, I found the dialogue weak, the twists predictable and the issues were resolved much too easily to be believable with everyone going back to their beautiful lives filled with friends, love and high paying, fancy jobs. Ain't life grand! 

At the heart of this book is the connection between Sophie, Emily, Amy and Melissa and I appreciate a book that focuses on the bond between women. If you're looking for an easy read with a Days of Our Lives feel, lots of issues and features strong female relationships while still maintaining that light feel, then this is the book for you. 

This ARC was generously provided by the publisher, via The TLC Book Tour, in exchange for my honest review. 

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