Friday, 25 May 2018

Curse the Day

Author: Annabel Chase
Genre: Supernatural, Cozy Mystery
Type: e-book
Series: #1 in the Spellbound series
Source: Reedsy
Series: #1 in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series
Publisher: Red Palm Press
First Published: January 7, 2017
First Line: "Four point seven miles to go."

Book Description from GoodReadsWelcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal. 
The only magic Emma Hart believes in is caffeine and the power of the dryer to lose one sock per load. A public interest lawyer buried under a mound of student debt, Emma’s whole life has been one turn of bad luck after another.

Her streak seems to continue when she gets lost on the way to see a client in the remote Pocono Mountains. A chance encounter with a suicidal angel lands her in Spellbound, a town where supernaturals have been cursed to remain for centuries--probably not the best time for Emma to discover that she's actually a witch.

Between the recent murder of the town’s public defender, a goblin accused of theft, remedial witch classes, and the attention of one smoking hot vampire, Emma struggles to navigate this unfamiliar terrain without losing her mind...or her life. 

My Rating: 3.5 stars

My Review: Curse the Day is a cozy mystery set within a supernatural world and features some rather unique inhabitants. One doesn't have to believe in fairies, wereferrets, witches or gnomes, but it can't hurt!

Emma Hart, finds herself stranded in Spellbound, a cursed town where various supernaturals have been stuck for centuries. Fans of magic and the supernatural, who enjoy a lighter read will enjoy getting to know the residents of Spellbound and seeing how Emma tries to fit in and find her way in this strange new world. 

Since it is the first book in a series and has a unique location, a lot of page time is spent describing Spellbound, and its quirky residents. Thankfully, the author helps readers keep track of who's who. But there's a lot going on in this little book and, if I'm being honest, a little too much. There are several story lines (Emma going to witch school, becoming the town's public defender, solving a murder ...) but they weren't given enough page time, resulting in a lack of depth for most of them.

Overall, I enjoyed Curse the Day for what it is --a light, quick, cozy supernatural read. While the mystery played second fiddle to the world building, this new cozy series with a supernatural twist has good bones, wonderful humour which is sprinkled throughout like a healthy dose of pixie dust and has lots of potential for future story lines. 

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me by Reedsy in exchange for my honest review. I was compensated for this review.

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