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Author: Karin Slaughter
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Series: #1 in the Grant County series
Type: Trade Paperback
Pages: 452
Source: Local Public Library
Publisher: Harper Collins
First Published: May 1, 2001
Opening Lines: Sara Linton leaned back in her chair, mumbling a soft "Yes, Mama" into the telephone. She wondered briefly if there would ever come a point in time when she would be too old to be taken over her mother's knee.

Book Description from Amazon.com:  From New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter, the first novel in her acclaimed Grant County Series.

Interweaving knife-edge tension, superb characterization, and an evocative milieu, this thrilling novel of dark suspense, set in rural Grant County, Georgia, introduces engaging pediatrician and coroner, Dr. Sara Linton.
A sadistic rapist turned killer is terrorizing Grant County, and the chief of police, Sara’s ex-husband Jeffrey Tolliver, must find him. But he’s not alone. Lena Adams―the county’s sole female detective―wants to see justice done, since her sister was the first victim. Sara, too, cannot escape the terror. A secret from her past could hold the key to finding the killer―unless he finds her first.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: Even though I read a LOT, there are still authors who I haven’t read yet and I’ve made it a personal goal to introduce myself to their work. Karin Slaughter is one of those authors. I decided to start at the beginning of her Grant County series with Blindsighted. I figured I’d get a good thriller and hopefully a main character I could get behind for the seven books in this series that began back in 2001.

Oh boy, did I get a good read! I was immediately drawn into this thriller with its fast-paced mystery and enjoyed reading the details of the police investigation. But it was the in-depth look at some of the characters' lives, particularly Sara's, that brought this thriller to a whole new level for me. There are shocking and disturbing descriptions of violent murders of women and they aren’t for the faint of heart. While I didn’t feel Slaughter's descriptions were gratuitous, I make note of them in case they are a trigger for some readers.

Overall, this is an engaging, multi-layered, dark thriller that is so suspenseful you may be like me and finish it within a day or two. Laundry will wait, but my impatience to know the killer’s identity will not. I'm excited to have found a new-to-me suspense series/author and already have the second book, Kisscut, in my eager little hands.

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