101 Things About Me

I got this idea from fellow blogger, Janssen. I figured it would be interesting to post 100 various things about me since many of you don't know who this Bookworm is. :) Here are some random facts about me ...

Updated: November 2014

1. I didn’t have a name for 5 days. Due to the vast number of males in my family my parents were certain I was going to be a boy and didn’t see the need to pick a girl’s name.
2. Before I was 18 years old I lived in 8 houses.
3. I loved staying in the hospital after my kids were born (I didn’t mind the food either).
4. It doesn't look overly big but I have a very large head … hard to find hats that fit me.
5. I’ve worn glasses since Grade 1 but my prescription hasn’t changed at all
6. I love to bake (shocking!) and find it very cathartic
7. I hate it when people chew with their mouths open
8. I love the smell of newborn babies and hospital laundry
9. I’ve traveled to the US, Mexico, Holland, Germany and Italy.
10. I HATE being late (or when others keep me waiting)
11. I don’t have a lot of patience
12. I’m a total Type A Personality
13. I have a degree and a diploma
14. I do not feel that I wasted my education by being a Stay-at-Home Mom (and hate that question when asked)
15. I can’t sleep if my feet are cold.
16. I love staying up late at night.
17. I adore reading in bed before I go to sleep
18. I have fainted at the sight of a needle
19. I love salty foods over sweet. I often make desserts and muffins for my family and don’t eat them.
20. I look forward to my morning coffee
21. I think my kids are really cool (even if they weren’t my kids I’d think they were cool)
22. My kids are really cute (really!)
23. I take my coffee ‘double double’ (for those Non-Canadians here that means “two creams, two sugars”)
24. I’m extremely proud of being Canadian.
25. If my blood sugar gets too low I become a mean ogre
26. I’m quite reserved around people I don’t know and take my time letting people get to know the real me.
27. I have a great sense of humour (and apparently no humility)
28. I adore the library and wish everyone else did as much as I do.
29. I was never embarrassed, even as a teen, of my parents. They were pretty cool (still are).
30. I LOVE walking through model homes.
31. I have 9 nieces and nephews.
32. I’ve been on vacation with my entire extended family (my family, my parents, my 2 sisters and their families) twice. That's 10 kids and 8 adults!
33. I adore fall. Love the colours, smells, chill in the air, making stews and soups …
34. I hate being too hot and don’t do well with high humidity
35. Hubby and I went to Disney World and the Gulf coast for our honeymoon.
36. My favourite ice cream is peanut butter and chocolate.
37. Since I’m a Type A personality I always started my university essays waaaay ahead of the due date (and got lovingly teased by my roomies)… but I always got an A
38. I rarely cry while watching movies.
39. I think feet are the ugliest part of the body.
40. My right thumb is double jointed.
41. I’m addicted to my PVR and wonder what life was like without it.
42. I am not a good flyer.
43. I’m not big on naming kids after other people.
44. My nickname as a child was ‘pumpkin’
45. My nickname from college (which I embraced) was “Phebes” (supposedly I made some airhead remarks once or twice)
46. I hate parsnips
47. I think Doritos taste like stinky feet
48. I have waaay too many favourite books to pick just one
49. I’ve read the first 4 books in the Harry Potter series at least 4 times
50. My kids all have names that cannot be shortened into nicknames.
51. I'm scared of heights. I froze in fear towards the top of a ladder in the belfry of a church in Holland because I looked down. So not cool.
52. I have tonnes of useless entertainment trivia in my head (I still have many lines from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Breakfast Club” memorized; know who married who, who divorced who blah blah blah)
53. I have never seen a black and white film.
54. I’m the oldest of three daughters.
55. I pray every day.
56. I was correct with guessing the sexes of each of our kids … but have been wrong 99% of the time guessing the sex of other people’s babies.
57. I would have had one more child but hubby wanted 2.  So we negotiated to 3. :)
58. I had a Maid of Honour and a Man of Honour at my wedding.
59. I gave a kick ass speech at my wedding (there's that humility thing again).
60. I sweat the little things.
61. I love to organize and praise whoever invented personal labelling machines.
62. I adore Pinterest.
63. I have my Grade 8 in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) and my Grade 2 in theory.
64. I forced myself, at the age of 14, to compete in a piano competition (came in 3rd)
65. I hate playing piano for other people. I play for me and prefer classical music.
66. One of my favourite meals is a turkey dinner with all the fixin's.
67. In high school I had a goal to go to Europe before I graduated – I went on a bicycle trip to Holland and Germany at the end of Grade 12 (this was back when we still had Grade 13 so I made it before I graduated!).
68. My two oldest friendships are 32 years old each.
69. I would love to own a book shop with a small coffee shop within it.
70. I used to be an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter.
71. The next countries I want to visit are: England and Scotland.
72. My heritage is English, Welsh, Scots and Irish.
73. I have a HUGE extended family and I’m still in contact with them down to my 4th cousins.
74. I hate roller coasters.
75. I love going for walks.
76. Looking at house plans is my porn.
77. I do not iron or sew.
78. I went to a school of the arts (aka Fame school) from grade 9-11.
79. I remember the exact moment I first saw my husband (way back in 1989).
80. I live 2km from my parents.
81. I regularly hide chocolate bars in my bedside table.  Brad and the kids are aware but it's the matter that 'shall not be named'.  I call my stash my 'Mom Sanity Savers'.
82. I love comfy clothes.
83. I hate shoe shopping.
84. I love to garden outside but kill houseplants regularly.
85. I love fine tipped pens in various colours.
86. I'm addicted to organic hand creams.
87. My favourite TV shows are: Modern Family (Claire Dunfy feels like my twin), The Big Bang Theory, Leave It To Bryan, Income Property, Survivor and "The Amazing Race.
88. I’m much happier when I have good girlfriends around to chat with and hang out with regularly.
89. I love having breakfast for dinner.
90. I could eat asparagus or eggs everyday.
91. I went to the same grade school as Shania Twain
92. I love making lists.
93. I wish I could knit. (Update:  I knit regularly now!!)
94. I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate
95. I adore potatoes in any form.  They are one of my comfort foods.
96. My hubby and I are technically cousins (my second cousin married his second cousin – it was a second marriage for both, don’t worry there’s no blood relation)
97. I keep an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of the books I read. I’ve done this since 2004
98. The most daring thing I’ve ever eaten has been cow’s tongue while in Holland. It was really tender and tasty.
99. I would love to eat at a 3 Michelin starred restaurant (Gordon Ramsay, call me!)
100. I'm becoming a sushi lover!!  So very yummy and addicting.
101. I check my email approximately 382 times per day and I ADORE getting comments on my blog (HINT, HINT, HINT!!!).

So there are 101 things about little old me. :)

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