Our Home Renovations and DIY

On this page you'll find links to our home renovations.  We started our basement renovation in November 2014 and have also completed a Master Bedroom revamp in December 2016.

Basement Renovation

In the Beginning - Planning things out and digging a plumbing trench

Part Two - Insulatin', Drywall and Lighting - Oh my! - keeping things quiet, walls and lights

Part Three - Paint! - the paint colours we picked and painted

Part Four - Flooring - our gorgeous plank flooring!

Part Five - Furniture

Part Six - DIY Small Planked Wall - we planked the small wall behind our TV

Part Seven - Large DIY Planked Wall - we did a bigger version of our small planked wall for an awesome and impressive accent wall

Part Eight - Custom Cabinetry - we went all out on cabinetry for our wet bar, bathroom and huge entertainment unit ... and we couldn't be happier.

Part Nine - Fireplace - To Gas or to Plug In.  That is the Question - we had our hearts set on one gas but ended up loving the alternative.

Part Ten - Trim and Doors and Tiles, oh MY!  We're in the home stretch! With these last few items done we're close to completion.  The next post will be the big reveal!

Master Bedroom Revamp
Master Bedroom DIY Paneled Wall - Part One
Master Bedroom Reveal

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