Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Cinderella Pact

This was a very enjoyable read by author Sarah Strohmeyer. The main character, Nola, is very down-to-earth (has her flaws but also has a good heart) which makes her very likable and 'real'.

Synopsis: Nola Devlin is living a lie. Part of her day is spent as an overweight, frumpy and underappreciated editor at a woman's magazine but when she gets home on her computer she becomes the very cool, very elusive British writer, Belinda Apple. It doesn't take long for the public (including Nola's own family) fall in love with Belinda's work.

As Belinda she writes an article about how easy it is to lose weight. Nola's best friends, not knowing that Nola has written the article, rave about it and propose to have a "Cinderella Pact" together to follow Belinda's advise and lose weight.

Unfortunately, after some success as Belinda Apple, Nola's bosses get suspicious and start trying to figure out who exactly this elusive author really is and threaten to sue her!! The lies she's told finally catch up with her. Add to the fact that her family gives Nola no support (especially her mother who clearly favours Nola's younger, thinner sister, Eileen), and the man she's falling for turns out to be someone entirely different than she thought and Nola's got a heap of problems.

My thoughts: I found that I enjoyed this book much more than the other book that I've read by this author "The Secret Lives of Unfortunate Wives" (blech and yawn!). The writing in this book reminds me a lot of Jennifer Weiner -- easy to read, light but not corny with very likable characters. Nola reminds me a lot of Jennifer Weiner's character, Cannie Shapiro (whome I loved). I definitely have plans to read Strohmeyer's "The Sleeping Beauty Proposal".

My Rating: 4.5/5 (loved it!)

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