Thursday, 20 August 2009


Synopsis: When Hannah Allen moves to Manhattan with her hubby and 2-year old daughter, Violet she quickly learns that mothering amongst her husband's circle of friends is very different in the big city. In New York, these mothers are highly educated, very wealthy and extremely competitive ---- using their children's achievements to measure their successes and get them into the upper echelon of mothering elite. Hannah learns that not all of the advice she's given is with her best intentions in mind whether the advice is from her new 'friends' or her overbearing socially conscious mother-in-law. Despite her own down-to-earth common sense Hannah quickly gets involved in this stressful, competitive sport of mothering.

My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is laugh out loud funny at times. I love the 'fish out of water' feel that Hannah has when first coming to New York. I also like seeing how she learns to cope in her new environment, new acquaintances while still holding on to her own mothering instincts.

My rating: 4.5/5 (aka. Awesome read)

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