Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Pretend Wife

Title: The Pretend Wife

Author: Bridget Asher

Type: Hardcover

Pages: 274

Book Type: Novel

Synopsis: What would happen if you could find out how your life would have been with the boyfriend who got away? Gwen Merchant has a very safe life. She has her father, her husband, Peter and a quiet life.
Then along comes her college sweetheart Elliot who invites himself back into Gwen's life by asking Gwen to pose as his 'pretend wife' for a few days to please his dying mother. Gwen gets the unique chance to see what her life would have been if she had stayed with Elliot. She also starts to question how she's viewed love and when her own family secrets start being revealed she suddenly finds herself viewing this 'pretend love' as the most real love she's ever experienced.

My Thoughts: This book is all about 'the one who got away'. While it was an interesting premise this book didn't grip me. Although I felt the same way with this author's other book "My Husband's Sweethearts" which I read last year. This book had a very obvious ending.

My Rating: 3/5 (aka - Meh, an OK read)

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