Monday, 14 September 2009


Title: "Spooning: A Novel"

Authors: Darri Stephens and Megan DeSales

Type: Paperback

Style: Chick Lit

Synopsis: Charlotte "Charlie" Brown is a recent grad and new to NYC. Together with her friends she starts up a "cooking club" to learn new recipes and catch up with her friends once per month. Charlie lands a dream job as an assistant to Jane Dough (think Martha Stewart's clone). As Charlie gets better and better in the kitchen she decides to use her culinary skills to woo J.P. Morgan, a man she's had her eye on but who remains aloof around her.

My Thoughts: I like reading the occasional Chick Lit but this was drivel. I read almost 100 pages and was still waiting for the storyline to do ... something ... anything remotely interesting. The main character was very dull. I think the authors were going for some kind of "Sex in the City"/ "Martha Stewart" thing ... but just didn't do it. Nothing seemed to jive together well.

My Rating: Zero/Nil/Bupkis (aka. Didn't even finish it)

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